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Parents play a critical role in establishing a creative environment for children.  Glitter was created for my son, Grayer, when he was a toddler.  I wanted to create a sense of magic around acts of kindness and love.  I wanted to witness his anticipation, delight, and growth of his relationship with his own imagination through Glitter.  However you decide to enjoy this book, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did and have fond memories of the magical time of childhood.

How to Introduce Glitter

After Thanksgiving, start reading the book to your child.  The night of November 30th, hang the calendar in the child’s bedroom.  Read the book before bed that night reminding your child that Glitter will visit on December 1st.  During the night, leave your item in the December 1st pocket.  I would also leave a note written in Glitter’s hand
 expressing her excitement to be their pixie!

On the first morning, show your child the calendar and the stuffed pocket.  Make this an exciting morning.  You can leave glitter or confetti on their nightstand or breakfast table to increase their excitement and make her feel more real.

While you are establishing the routine, have your child check the numbered pocket first thing in the morning.  It will not take long for them to eventually run there on their own, full of excitement.

How to create the Magic

Build excitement for your child.  During the day, talk about the upcoming visit from Glitter that evening.  Read the book every night before bed.  Check the calendar every morning with your child and count down the days to Christmas.  The calendar and book travel easily so there is never a reason to miss a day.

Fill the pockets with small treasures, toys or treats. You can also leave notes with nice things Glitter has witnessed your child do or reminders of how to be kind.

Establish a consistent writing style on your Glitter notes to your child.   Whatever writing style you choose, make sure your child can’t recognize your writing.  You can also use special notepaper or envelopes or a specific decorative element like confetti or glitter.

Get creative and enjoy the magic of the season with your young one!  
The time goes by so fast and is so very precious.

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